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Me and Zara are starting a Brits support group who’s in

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    I’m here waiting for Louis to show up with red hair…oh god
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  3. teapotpourri said: i’m gonna need a support group when i come online when everything is done. being at your parent’s is in these cases not beneficial.
  4. vouxe said: count me in. im gonna need it
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    If by “support group” you mean “group of fellow weepers” then yes, I am already there with you.
  7. louiskissesharrystears said: Can I be in? xxx
  8. youlittlebastards said: I am so in.
  9. tyriolannisters said: I’m gonna need the support because I’m not going to know what’s going on. Haha dumb time zones.
  10. xthefray said: im in wey hey
  11. tangledincurls said: i want in!!!
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    'M NOT ReADY
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