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Anonymous asked:
What's the Wellington video


Step into my office, take a seat, have a cocktail. Its story telling time. 

It was a dark and stormy night (it wasn’t but it sounds cool), almost two years to the date when Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson decided to embark on a night out on the town and let their hair down and indulge in some wine and spirits. Seems innocent enough, yes?




As the eve wore on, inhibitions were cast into the wind, which brings us to the most riveting part of the story. Amongst a crowd of onlookers and filmed through the lens of a 1985 handy cam with a used coffee filter over it, Harry and Louis did the unthinkable,




"they’re kissing!" - direct quote from a girl who is probably no longer with us.

Hours later, a still drunk in love Styles added some parting thoughts. 


*closes book*

And that my friend, is the legend of Wellington.

i’m gonna finish the rest tomorrow guys. soo so tired. thank you for ‘playing’ with me :D <3


madnessafter2am asked:
Mina :)

magic - coldplay

in the end - linkin park

no diggity/thrift shop - ed sheeran ft. passenger

alone together - fall out boy

hellagrumpy asked:
me!!! (: It's mattie I don't know if we've talked since I changed my url omg

hiii <33 sent you a msg !

mend your heart - william fitzsimmons

alive - empire of the sun

that home - cinematic orchestra (you should feel extra special)

the man who can’t be moved - the script

i know - tom odell

everything’s not lost - coldplay

its-just-two-men-in-love asked:
Noémie :)

nineteen - tegan and sara

oh my stars - andrew belle

everything - ben howard

miracle mile - cold war kids

i will wait - mumford & sons

earth - sleeping at last

such a pretty name !!

Anonymous asked:

your love is a song - switchfoot

air traffic - owl city

somewhere only we know - keane

made of stone - matt corby

i see fire - ed sheeran 

northern lights - cider sky

gaysweaters replied to your post: gaysweaters asked:i want one …

this was actually almost perfect holy shit.

…almost? pfpfpf

i’m gonna do the rest in a few mins, just have to have dinner first :)

gaysweaters asked:
i want one


as walking on canopy - silent whale becomes a dream

nicest thing - kate nash

nude - radiohead

acid - michael brook

burial on the presidio banks - this will destroy you

ekki múkk - sigur rós

luppulagio - sigur rós

lovebug - jonas brothers

an unkindness of ravens - sanders bohlke

Anonymous asked:

just a kiss - lady antebellum

old pine - ben howard

sex on fire - kings of leon

ever after - marianas trench

perth - bon iver

ho hey - the lumineers

inside of you - the maine

no angels - bastille

epilogue - lights & motion