the fact that the Bruges AU is not the top-rated fic in the summer exchange so far is a travesty.

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prayer circle to ensure that new album promo includes one direction playing a series of increasingly bizarre games with jimmy fallon on “the tonight show”

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”We would release a song with Harry. We ended up writing a song and having fun. Whatever’s released is released,”

“We did write a really cool love song. His voice is really strong. I didn’t know what to expect, he just started singing. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s got a great voice’.
- Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan on writing with Harry x (via harryspocket)
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hazzabearfiction replied to your post: I’VE READ GOOD FIC THESE PAST COUPLE O…

Which onessss? I’ve been desperately searching!

me tooo !! work me over and counting the steps between us . you can check my fic rec tag too if you want, though it’s not exactly been RICH lately -_- and this month i’ve also started a couple of WIP-s , butterfly gun (which is just. oh my god.) and things my heart used to know

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Anonymous said: Karlsruhe is pretty I personally like it more than Berlin lol it's smaller and not that rushed but whatever you prefer :) I live like 30 minutes away from Karlsruhe 😂

it’s really a matter of personality :)


louis + ”gold” star answers

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Anonymous said: Yeah, it's so horrible. I mean the train to Essen only drives once every hour, so I have to drive with the bus from here to town an hour before the train leaves. I often just go to McDonalds or something before the train leaves, 'cause it's just so boring to wait over 30 min before the train comes... Do you speak German, or just English? How is it over there?

I can’t imagine how that must be like haha. I’m in the process of learning German ;) What do you mean over there? Regarding shopping centers? You usually have to take the bus/car to get to the big ones cause they’re out of town but it only takes like, 15-30 mins depending on traffic.

boboyaboo said: Hi, sorry to hijack your ask, I just want to say to the study abroad anon that she could come to me too if she ever have more questions regarding the matter. I studied abroad for my bachelor and masters and am preparing a proposal for PhD abroad as well so if they feel they need more info they can feel free to come ask me about it ^^


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